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Today, the metallurgical industry is one of the most important, measured in people employed, companies and added value, thanks to the continuous improvement of its technological- and productive capacity. Open and competitive entrepreneurial spirit, specialized machines, highly professionalised workforce and adaptation to new technologies explain the fundamental role Bages play today in the industry.

Thanks to a large history of Bages in the metallurgical industry, as well as the available training and related investigation centers, the area offers competitive advantages for the industry.

The metallurgical tradition in Manresa and its surroundings is documented from about the year 1323, where, supported by the saints Mateo and Eloy there existed a guild that grouped different trades related to the manipulation of metal: blacksmiths, locksmiths, cutlers ...

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, spike- and gunsmiths became important and already in 1717, Manresa was one of the few centers where the Superior Board of Governors of Philip V authorised to make weapons. From 1721 , the gunsmiths of Manresa, while specializing, created jobs for teachers in other Catalan towns.

The birth of the metallurgical sector, in a modern sense, did noy occur in Bages until the last century with the development of the textile industry. First, carpenters and locksmiths worked in the repair of textile machinery and later, some specialized in mechanical or manufacturing textile machinery.

The need for new materials gave rise to iron foundry, the first of which was established in mid-nineteenth century. They were dedicated to parts for textile machines, steam and manufacturing of various building elements (columns, beams, rails), ie, the development of textile sector convirted the metallurgical industry in suppliers of the first.

The metallurgical industry was dedicated to the production from combs, healds and spinning machines, up to the construction of bending machines, power transmission, gears,... This means that by the year 1890 Manresa had about seventy metal companies. In the early twentieth century a big company began its activity dedicated to the foundry and production of cars and railroad cars.

During the Civil War (1936-1939), the metal sector became very important, especially with regard to the construction of shells and other military material, once the conflict finished, it continue closely related to the textile sector until the crisis of 1962 when some entrepreneurs begin to introduce themselves in other activities, preferably related to the automotive sector, but also to gas meters, trucks and other machinery.

Thanks to the innovative capacity, supported by research- and training centers, continuous adaptation, export and entrepreneurial spirit of the companies in the Bages, the metallurgical industry is still a benchmark.

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